Émulateur CarLabImmo Renault CAN


CarLabImmo Emulator for RENAULT CAN systems.


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Julie Car Emulators

You probably know how expensive it is to fix a damaged ECU, replace lost keys, locks, ignition

switches etc. The costs of these repairs may sometimes be counted in thousands of euros!

With Julie Emulators, repair costs may not exceed the cost of the emulator!

In over 10 years Julie has gained the reputation of a trusted remover of car immobilisers.

And because we constantly improve our emulators, Julie supports a few thousands of the most

popular car ECUs in thousands of models, including the latest ones!

Julie Emulator - Renault

Julie Emulator - Renault is dedicated to replacing immobiliser signal in Renault vehicles.

It supports the following ECUs with CAN transmission:

Brands: Renault


Bosch EDC16

Delphi DCM3.4

Delphi DCM1.2

Delphi DDCR

EMS 3134

EMS 3132

EMS 3110

Sagem S3000

Sagem S2000

Siemens/Continental SID 310

Siemens SID 305

Siemens SID 304

Siemens SID 301

Siemens SIM32

Sirius 34

Sirius 32

Valeo V42

Valeo V40

Instruction Manual and full ECU list:



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Julie Universal Car Emulator is the perfect tool for you!

• Supports many car brands • Supports ECUs with CAN and

K-Line transmission

It allows you to:

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See how easy it is to use Julie

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CarLabImmo Technical Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/


• Replace or remove original

immobiliser signal

• Simulate passenger seat


• Replace a damaged ESL/

ELV signal

• Test tacho before installation